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Não Deixe o Consumismo Acabar com a Sua Vida e Suas Finanças!

Não Deixe o Consumismo Acabar com a Sua Vida e Suas Finanças! Enfrente essa realidade e aprenda a mudar os hábitos que te fazem desperdiçar tanto dinheiro.


“O desejo não deseja a satisfação; o desejo deseja o desejo”. Essa frase é de autoria de Zygmunt Bauman, sociólogo polonês, em seu livro “Vida Para Consumo – A transformação das pessoas em mercadoria”.

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Want People to Support Your Ideas? Conquer Their Fears


Whether you have a new idea, innovation, or change effort, you’ll need to overcome people’s anxieties. The key? Understanding psychology.

One of the biggest challenges of innovation and leading change is presenting ideas in a way that overcomes people’s anxieties and resistance to change. 

As I’ve argued before, a good idea is not enough. If you want support for a new change, innovation, product, process, or strategy, you need to understand the psychology behind this resistance–the fears, concerns, and worries that keep people

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30 jul


6 Quick Ways to Be Happier at Work

Minor shifts in your routine and focus can have a huge positive effect on the quality of your work experience.

Here are five sure-fire, incredibly easy actions that will immediately improve your workplace experience:


1. Take a “quiet minute” each morning.

Within your morning routine, carve out a minute–60 seconds–to be silent, by yourself. Don’t think about work. Read a poem or say a prayer. Or just rest your brain. You’ll be amazed at how much extra energy it will create for the rest

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